Every woman needs to know a few things about men. Even though we are different, we have some similarities. Many comparisons have been made between men and women.  Who is stronger, more emotional, smarter, you name it. The debate has gone on for years. Men can be frustrating, annoying, stubborn, but we can also be charming and downright attractive as hell. (I’m talking about other men here with the attractive as hell part. Like Geroge Clooney or Brad Pitt attractive).

Every woman will tell you they understand men and though they may think that’s true I’m here to tell you it’s not. Men may seem simple on the outside but there are certain things that women need to know right from the get go.


Here are 10 things that every woman needs to know about men


1. We have bigger brains

I’m not here to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m merely here to speak the truth. You can’t knock science. Every woman needs to know that men have bigger brains. That doesn’t mean we’re smarter it just means our brains are larger in mass. Mostly because some of us have enormous heads that need to be full of something. I’m no scientist but if I had to guess I’d use a fishbowl analogy.

The goldfish you win at the state fair can only grow so big if you keep it in the small bowl he comes with. When you move him to a larger tank he can grow more. The real scientific reason is below.


Men have bigger brains

Men have bigger brains! It’s a fact, Google it!




2. Men talk less

Men absolutely talk less, it’s that simple. We don’t like to get bogged down in details. Men need to know only what we need to know in order to help offer a solution to solve a problem. That’s what we do, we problem solve and we try to do so as quickly as possible so we can move on to the next thing. Sure we enjoy a good talk every now and again. Sports, politics, sports, family and sports.

Men talk less

Men just talk less!



3. Shorter lifespan

Sadly men don’t live as long as women. Part of it is because men simply don’t go to the doctor when they are sick and just suck it up. Unfortunately, many conditions go undiagnosed and by the time they see a professional, it may be too late. We also lead the pack in issues like Heart Disease, suicide, and homicide. And let’s face we just do more stupid shit than women.

Have you ever watched two men trying to cut down a tree? One with the chainsaw running as they climb the tree and the other one pulling the rope towards them as the tree falls. Case closed.

Women live longer than men

This pretty much sums up the stupid shit we do.



4. Compliments are welcomed!

Women aren’t the only ones that like to hear a compliment. Men do too! Whether it’s the clothing we’re wearing, our physical appearance, our hair (for those who have any left), we like to be complimented every now and then. Or maybe it’s just a nice big thank you for helping. Every man likes to hear “you’re the best”. Tell us we’re handsome. We like to have our egos stroked now and again.

Compliment us too

Men enjoy a good compliment too!



5. We aren’t mind readers

Contrary to popular belief men are not mind readers. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. Men have no idea what women are thinking. If we ask if everything is ok it’s becasue we have no idea. If you answer yes then in our mind it’s one less thing to worry about so we continue about our day.

Men aren't mind readers

Men can’t read your mind. Just tell us!



6. Emotions do exist

Men are not emotional soulless beings. We have feelings and you may even see us cry once in a while at a sad movie like Rudy or Field of Dreams. (maybe even The Notebook) I admit that I shed a tear when my girls were born. Partially because of the overwhelming joy of children, partially because I was scared out of my mind as to what happens next and partially because a human emerged from my wife’s vagina! That was in no particular order. Don’t think we don’t care, we do. Sometimes we just share our emotions differently.

Men have emotions too

We aren’t completely emotionless



7. You will never know what’s going on in our heads, we barely do

Occasionally women will ask us what we’re thinking and there’s a real good chance the answer will be nothing. I am thinking about nothing. It happens often. Men have this incredible talent at times of having absolutely nothing going on in our heads.  We may look deep in thought but zero is going on in our brain…which again is bigger but clearly irrelevent.

That’s not to say we don’t have our fair share of concerns in life. Things like money, retirement, work and other daily problems do cloud our head every now and again. Men just happen to have an extraodrinary ability at times to think about nothing.

Sometimes we're not thinking anything.

Sometimes we’re not thinking anything.



8. There are things we like about you beyond the obvious

Men like women for many reasons beyond the obvious that you might not even realize. The way you are attentive to our children’s needs, the way you cry at a sad movie (and we know you’re going to cry), the way you comfort us after a long day, the way you laugh, and the list goes on and on. Men love the support a good woman provides and we love to support you as well.  Most men love a strong confident woman.

It could be your hair, the way you dress or how friendly you are to complete strangers. It’s not always about boobs and butts, though some Instagram models may tell you differently.

Men love many things about women and not just the obvious

Men love many things about women and not just the obvious



9. We both need alone time and time with our friends

Sometimes men just want to be alone. It has nothing to do with you it’s just that we need some time to decompress. We also need to have time with our friends in the same way in which you need time with your friends. It doesn’t mean we love you any less it just means we need time to do guy things. (poker, watch sports, tell bad jokes, fart and scratch).

Men need me time too!

A man likes “me time” as well



10. We don’t want to get old

Men are fearful of getting older. Typically when a man hits 50 that’s when it starts to set in. I remember turning 50 and telling my doctor I was having problems sleeping. He asked how old I was and when I told him all he said was “that’s about right”.  He said most men think about not being where they thought they’d be in life and potentially criplling money issues (kids starting college, weddings, loans).

These thoughts coupled with the added pressure of our kids getting older, lead to stress overload and reduced sleep.

Then time comes into perspective as you realize you might be on the back end of your life.  Men need to remain young at heart as long as possible. Let us tell our dumb jokes and play sports we shouldn’t be doing at our age. It makes us feel good.


Men don't want to get old

Most men don’t want to get old (except this guy who doesn’t seem to care about anything)


These are just 10 things that every woman needs to know about men.  Remember that we might actually be more similar to women than you think! A little gruffer on the outside but inside we can be very similar.

What are some things I might have missed that every woman needs to know about men? Comment below.


  1. Carol

    Wow! Did you ever get those things right!

    • Scott DeNicola

      It’s a gift. 🙂


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