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Dad On The Edge is your definitive resource for achievable, applicable advice.  We cover many aspects including family, health, life (personal development) and DIY.  Most of us live a chaotic life every day. At DOTE we teach you how to get a leg up on the competition and get the edge!

Dad On The Edge is written from the perspective of a 50+ year old married father of two who has seen and experienced quite a bit in life so far. I don’t claim to be an expert but I’m here to help and offer a dose of humor whenever possible.  DOTE tries not to take life too seriously and you shouldn’t either.

The mission of Dad On The Edge is simple. To have men and women read our content and apply what they’ve learned to their daily life. DOTE aims to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you are a parent, single, man, woman or child you can benefit from the information we provide.

From time to time you may even see some guest posts or interviews with experts in a particular area.

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Welcome to Dad On The Edge and thank you for stopping by!

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Scott DeNicola 

Scott DeNicola

Scott has been working for decades in several different fields but the majority has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry for a marketing company. He is a husband (married for more than two decades) with two girls. Talk about Dad “On The Edge”!  During his downtime, of which there isn’t much, Scott enjoys sports, music, family, his tiki bar and his pets. Scott is also co-owner and contributor on Two Guys Who Blog. If you enjoy the content please share our articles with a friend via the social media icons or email.

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