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The allure of the gorgeous shiny mane the influencers and models keep flashing on social media and commercials is too tempting. We are always eager to jump on the bandwagon of trending gummies and hair supplements that promise to give us Rapunzel-like hair.

No one can deny that hair growth supplements are currently a popular treatment, but what we do tend to confuse facts with is that they are a sure means of growing long and voluminous hair. We all need to acknowledge that the primary goal of supplements is to meet the deficiencies in our bodies. Since hair growth depends on a healthy and nutritious diet to a large extent, perhaps replenishing the nutrients in our bodies would boost the hair growth cycle.

But there is no sure way of establishing that supplements reduce hair loss. They are there to meet the short gaps in your system, but they cannot plan for hair loss. The best option is to meet your dermatologist and discuss non-invasive procedures like laser hair caps for your hair loss problems. 

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For starters, the type of supplement you are opting for defines its purpose. Some supplements decrease inflammation, others to relieve stress, and some work as potent antioxidants. Certain supplements also combat negative influences of hormones, etc. 

So generally, if you are a healthy eater, you will have sufficient stores of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein, and vitamin B in your body. But if someone is picky or negligent in their eating habits, then supplements are what they resort to. 



You may find this disappointing if you came here looking for confirmation. However, the truth is that there is no sure way to establish that supplements will give you the effect of your desire. Doctors think that supplements are usually effective in case of deficiencies, but otherwise, they may not be the magic solution people seek. 

There have been stories of success from people but in a particular context. For instance, women have claimed that iron supplements have helped them overcome their low ferritin levels. This protein we call ferritin is an essential cofactor for the healthy growth of hair. But you see, the supplement only helped cover the iron deficiency, but the chances of a revived hair growth remained indefinable. 

Another common supplement, Biotin, has been in the spotlight for a while now. We know that Biotin is a common ingredient in many hair growth products, but experts believe it is not as powerful as we believe it to be. 

You will commonly note women of color using Biotin, perhaps because it helps with hair breakage. This is where the misconception begins when people start mistaking their anti-hair-breakage benefits for hair loss. Experts don’t recommend Biotin for hair thinning; the supplement will only help you meet the deficiency that gives rise to hair breakage in your body.

The best course of action is to determine what hair problem you are dealing with, such as the itchy scalp, excessive hair loss, pattern baldness, etc. Then speak to your dermatologist to help discover the underlying cause of the problem.

It is best first to determine the reasons to make educated choices of the products to use. 

Here is a list of some of the substances we do believe have some beneficial effects on the hair. 

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Vitamins A and C are indeed a helpful combination for your hair because they produce healthy sebum amounts. The sebum then distributes over your scalp and follicles and nourishes and moisturizes the strands. 

Individually too, both these vitamins have great benefits. Vitamin C will help your body absorb iron better and boost the production of Collagen. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is beneficial for preventing hair breakage. All these effects are necessary to ensure you have a strong formation of hair. 

Secondly, zinc and selenium are also essential minerals. Zinc will boost oil production positively and aids in sebum production too. This, in turn, will slow down the process of hair fall. Secondly, selenium keeps your hair safe from dandruff, dryness, itchiness, and dryness, all of which can obstruct hair growth. 



The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil fight dandruff and inflammation, giving active grounds for hair growth. Moreover, the improved sebum production helps stimulate your follicles and charge them to grow longer and stronger strands.

Therefore, if you can find a supplement that contains some of these or all these minerals and vitamins, you’d be providing your body grounds for initiating healthy hair growth. However, you must note that none of these supplements will be strong defenses against impending hair problems, but they will be a good general addition to your diet. 



Hair issues are rampant among people of all ages and health these days. One cannot prevent the impending hair recessions, especially not using uncertain substances like supplements. Yes, they may help you meet deficiencies in your body that could be causing hair loss, but you cannot rely wholly on them to boost certain hair growth.

Besides, if you already have a prescription for other ailments, there are strong chances that the supplements may tamper with your other drugs. This can be somewhat dangerous and taxing on your organs. The best solution is to go for a non-invasive and sure solution to your hair fall like laser caps. You can say goodbye to hair thinning, balding, and hair loss with the LLLT treatment without putting your health and organs at risk.




Laser caps are the best and most reliable solution for combating your hair loss problems. With the LLLT technology, you can expect guaranteed results with a certain period. Supplements have no scientific evidence to guarantee the desirable strong, lustrous, and long hair you want. Yes, you could add some to improve your diet quality, but supplements are not a 100% solution for hair problems. Supplements that are effective for some others may not be as good for you. 



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